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Ongoing Classes for Adults*

Come and create whatever you want out of clay. Rena will provide assistance and help with project ideas.

Ongoing Classes for Children and Young Adults

Is your child interested in working with clay, or does he/she like to draw and paint? Sign up for classes and your child can choose what materials he/she wants to work with from class to class.

Ladies’ Night Out Classes

Come relax and have some creative fun with your friends and meet new ones. Create whatever you want out of clay. You pick your own project and Rena will provide assistance.

Individual Instruction

Individual instruction is also available in a variety of materials for children and young adults. Individual instruction is available for hand-building or potter’s wheel.

Art Teachers’ Workshops**

Choose from four different workshops. Workshops are based on more than 25 years of classroom art teaching experience.

Beginners’ Workshop

Have you always wanted to learn how to make your own creations with clay? Learn easy hand-building methods and discover your potential for artistic expression. Appropriate for potters with some experience and total beginners.

Custom-designed Workshops

Would you like a custom-designed workshop to fit the interests and ability levels of your group or patrons? Call Rena and together you can create your own workshop.

Gardeners’ Workshops

Pottery is the perfect art form for all you earth-loving gardeners. Come make your own planters with “clean” mud. 2 or 5 hour workshops are available.

Holiday Gifts Galore Workshop

Make your friends and family some holiday gifts. It’s easy and fun. Allow enough time for you to finish—so come before December!

Homeschoolers’ Workshops/Classes

Would you like to consult a master art teacher for some lesson ideas and tips on how to use exciting art materials? Learn how to create your very own art “textbook’ and more! Classes are available for you or your child.

Menorah Workshop

Learn about traditional and non-traditional designs and basic hand-building techniques. Make your own creations or work with a friend or family member. Beginners are welcome.

Vacation Fun for Children and Young Adults

Rena will work with you to design a camp (or classes) based on the interests of your child.


*You may sign up for as many as you want.

**Workshops range from 2 hours to 12 hours.