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Ladies’ Night Out Classes

Come relax and have some creative fun with your friends and meet new ones. Create whatever you want out of clay. You pick your own projects, and Rena will provide assistance: bowls, containers, mugs, candleholders, drums, vases, goblets, tiles, plaques, decorations, garden sculpture, water fountains, etc. Can’t decide what to make? Lots of help with project ideas will be provided. Or look through catalogues and order already made pieces that have been fired once (bisqued) and color them yourself.

You may sign up for one ($25) or more classes. Pay for two classes in advance, and get a $5 discount per class--pay only $20 a class. Day or evening, weekday or weekend classes available.

Time: 2-hour classes

Date: Dates chosen by class participants

Registration fee: $25 for one class or $20 for classes paid in advance

Class size: 5 maximum

Prerequisite: Beginner Workshop is recommended