The beginner workshop was even more informative than I had expected. We learned enough to get started on our own. I’d recommend it to anyone who has ever wanted to take a pottery class—You can’t go wrong! T.B.

This was my first pottery class. I never wanted it to end. It was so informative. Rena showed us slides by other artists- some were just starting out and their work was fabulous. Rena inspired me and by the time class had ended I felt like I had created a masterpiece. Thanks Rena. S.B.

Really fun! Rena is a wealth of information. I enjoyed her helpful non-intrusive style. Just held back & made suggestions for me to choose from. A skill in itself. Knowing your stuff and teaching. Rena’s excellent at both. I look forward to coming back. B.C.

The class was very enjoyable. I’m a (returning) potter and this was like a crash course on what I needed to know. I do not think I could have returned to doing pottery without it. You have a nice studio. You have really a wealth of information to share and I was very impressed with your hand-building. I had worked primarily on the wheel. I was really convinced to do more in hand-building. Thanks alot. See you in the future! B.G.

The class put together two concepts, imagination and the magic at your finger-tips. Together you get dynamite results. M.S.

Rena was very encouraging during my first “pinch pot” experience. The class was relaxing...you seem to lose yourself in the creative process which is a “feel good” experience. The women in my class were supportive, fun and interesting to share the day with. It was very relaxing...like therapy. S.G.

I really enjoyed the beginner hand building class. Thank you. The tips that you gave us were priceless. The visuals were very helpful in understanding some of the concepts. Thank you for spending so much time creating the handouts. It was good not to have to write everything down. My only complaint was that the day went by too fast. Thanx again, S.B.

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