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Clay in the Classroom Part II

Glazing and Clay Coloring Techniques

Purpose: This professional development workshop will afford art educators the opportunity to learn about and experiment with different ways to glaze and color clay projects. The main objective of this workshop is to help teachers develop glazing and clay coloring skills that they can use with students in their classrooms. Teachers will choose the clay coloring methods they want to use to color the bisque pieces they made in Part I.* This workshop was designed at the request of participants of Clay in the Classroom Part I. They felt they needed some in-depth time using glaze and materials to color clay bisque.


  • General glazing information
  • Using underglazes
    • when they are appropriate and how to use them
    • types of underglazes (e.g. pencils, tubes, French Dimensions, etc.)
  • Wax resist (and Mask ‘n Peel)
  • Stenciling
  • Scraffito with engobes
  • Majolica

Prerequisite: Clay in the Classroom Part I (recommended so teachers will have their own work to glaze). *However, if you feel you do not need Part I and you have bisque pieces to color, you may take this workshop.

Time: Six 2-hour classes

Date: to be decided

Registration Fee: $120 (for 12 hours) plus $35 materials fee for glaze and/or paint, and firing and an extensive handout

Who: K-12 art teachers

Workshop size: Maximum of 4 participants per workshop